Shot in the Heart of Melbourne SITHOM2014

I’ve been named and shamed by my good mate Leon.

“You haven’t posted anything for ages” he said.

He’s right and I apologise. I do have a teeny, weeny excuse, I’ve been focussing on taking photos rather than words.

Some of the fruits of my labours as well as some great street photography from awesome Melbourne photogs can be viewed at the Victorian Art Society’s gallery in East Melbourne over the next two weeks.

Check out the details below in the downloadable pdf :

SITHOM Exhibition 2014_Media Release




We Need To Talk About Sugar (Again)!

Many of you have heard me banging on about choosing to eat mostly from the whole food section of the supermarket and stay away from the processed foods. “yeah, yeah you vegan nut job” they often joke. “I’m not vegan but do love my fruit”.
“But fructose is bad for you they say”.
“Not if you leave it in it’s original wrapper” I reply.
Whole foods are better than processed foods.
Awesome Ashlid has just posted a blog that explains the whole ‘problem’ with sugar thing really well. Check it out at the link above.


Awesome Åshild

More specifically we need to talk about how to quit sugar. And when I say sugar, I mean that nasty part of sugar, known as fructose. “But fructose is natural and comes from fruit” they say. Yes, the fructose that is in the fruit, along with the fibre and water that is also in the fruit is normal and ok. But it’s when you take it away from the fruit (or from elsewhere) and take out the fibre and water and add other things such as wheat, starch, soy and other things to make fake food, that’s when fructose becomes a problem. And today, in our western society, you will find fructose in about 90% of all manufactured food (also known as fake food). That means if we walked into a supermarket (think of the biggest one you know) and removed everything that has added sugar to it, you would…

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